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The Art of Matuschka. Introduction by Peter Schlessinger
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Award Winning Catalogue:
New York Foundation for the Arts 1996
How Design Annual 1997

24 pages
With triple pull out folds
Full Color Cover
Inside pages: duo tone

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Beauty Out of Damage Merchandise  

New poster - release To Be Announced. To be added to the list or for more information, please email

Limited Edition
Archival Print

16 x 20 inches printed by the artist in an edition of 40.
A 20 x 24 inches print edition is reserved for Museums and Art Institutions.

Please contact the artist directly for more information.

August 13th 1993: Historical New York Times Magazine with autographed cover.

Please contact the artist directly for more information.


Size: 4 x 6.

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Time for Prevention Poster Vote for Yourself Poster Picture Prevention Poster
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Award winning Time for Prevention Poster
Sponsored by Greenpeace, 1994.
Cooper Hewitt Design Museum Collection. 11 x 17"
Postcard Available.
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Vote for Yourself Poster
Sponsored by W.H.A.M. 1992.
Published extensively worldwide.
17.5 x 22.5"
Postcard available.
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Picture Prevention Poster
Sponsored by the National Lymphadema Network
San Francisco, CA 1994.
19 x 25"

Frauen Museum Poster

These two posters accompanied Matuschka's solo exhibitions in 1994 & 1995 at the Frauen Museum (Wiesbaden, Germany) and at the YWCA of the Northern Carolinas.
Frauen Poster: 17 x 24". YWCA Poster: 21.5 x 22.5".

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Postcard Set  

Behind Open Doors - click for larger image 2 Weeks Later - click for larger image Vote For Yourself - click for larger image The New Deal - click for larger image Beauty Out of Damage - click for larger image Time for Prevention - click for larger image Mermaid - click for larger image Everyone Has an Accent - click for larger image
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From left to right: Behind Open Doors, Two Weeks Later, Vote For Yourself, The New Deal, Time For Prevention, Mermaid, Everyone Has an Accent. Miscellaneous sizes. Click for larger images.

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