Lectures, Speaking Engagements, Workshops

Speaking Engagements

Greenfield Community College, Greenfield MA
Adelphi University, NY
Berkshire Museum, Mass
Cultural Institute of Malaga, Malaga, Spain
Apertura Comunicación Photo School, Malaga, Spain
Foto Mania, Malaga, Spain
Museum Of Art, Fort Lauderdale, Fl.
USF University of South Florida, St.Petersburg Fl.
University of Arizona, Tuscon Az.
Yale University, New Haven , Ct.
Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham , Al.
Hallisch-Frankisches Museum, Schwabisch Hall , Germany
Treffpunkt Rotebuhlplatz, Stuttgart, Germany
The New Art Center, Newton Mass.
The Frauen Museum , Wiesbaden, Germany
Webster University, St. Louis, Mi.
Walker Center for the Arts, on behalf of Greenpeace, Milwaukee, Wi
Columbia University, New York , NY
Salt Lake Art Center, Salt Lake City, UT
University of Houston, Houston, Texas
Univerity of Texas Health Science Center Houston, Texas
University of Houston Clear Lake Houston, Texas
Texas A&M Univeristy, College Station, Texas
Univerity of St. Thomas Houston, Texas
Millbrook Gallery, Concord , N.H.
Schloss Corvey/Hoexter, Germany
The New School, New York City , NY
University of the Arts, Philadelphia , PA
Prescott College, Prescott Az.
Harvard University, Cambridg , Mass
Miami University,Oxford Ohio
University of Salt Lake, Salt Lake , Utah
Suny College, Purchase, NY
Morehead State University, Morehead, Ky
Suny College, New Paltz, NY
First World Breast Cancer Conference Kingston, Canada
Jersey Shore Breast Cancer Center, Eaton , NJ
Woman's Caucus for the Arts Houston , Texas
Wellness Community of Greater Boston, Boston, Ma.
Rhone Poulenc Rorer IInc. Symposium Wiesbaden, Germany
Oasis, A Woman's Mental Health Center Birmingham , Al.
Jewish Hospital Auxiliary, St. Louis, Mi.
Fassbender Gallery on behalf of Greenpeace, Chicago, Ill.
Brookdale Community College, NJ
Rachel Carson Institute, Chatham College, Pittsburgh, PA
Spectrum Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Emelin Theater, Mamaroneck , NY
American Medical Student Association , Washington , DC
Emerson Hospital, Concord , Mass.
Susan Komen Foundation, Sacramento Chapter, Calif.
Mt. Sinai Hospital Service Club Chicago , Ill.
American Cancer Society, North Brunswick , NJ
Hospital Consortium of San Mateo County , SF, Calif.
Lynn Sage Cancer Research Center, Chicago Ill.
Auxiliary of the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago, Chicago, Ill
Memorial Sloan Kettering (Play For Time) South Orange, NJ
YWCA of Cincinnati Ohio
YWCA of the Central Carolinas, Charlotte, NC
William Patterson College, NJ
YWCA of New York City, NY

Praises and Comments

"Matuschka's multimedia presentation is best described as performance piece meets memoir meets artist statement. Chronicling the times through her own evolution, she makes serious and important claims about the social, political and commercial aspects of the female experience. With intellect, grace and humor, she explores the connections between the world, her life and her art. Especially impressive is that she not only acknowledges, but also honors teachers, mentors, and the works of others who influenced her life and art, revealing personal and artistic integrity that is refreshing, indeed.
Matuschka's style strikes a unique balance. Her beauty, deeply resonant voice, and stature create a commanding presence, yet she is warm and relatable. Her art and message inspire, while her insight and ideas expand perspectives. She embodies the idea of personal as political as creative. Matuschka's presentations are valuable and enriching, and I highly recommend her as a speaker."
Professor D.M. Anderson
Educational Consultant, private practice

"Thanks again for inspiring some students, irritating others, and provoking them all to think and grow in directions that they never imagined."
Dr. Deni Elliott
Eleanor Poynter Jamison Chair in Media Ethics and Press Policy, USF, St. Petersburg, Florida

"Matuschka is a provocative and animated speaker who uses the beautiful artwork she has created over her lifetime to tell her compelling story. She encourages her audience to laugh, to get excited and to really question what they view as comfortable. Her wide range of artwork and the stories behind that work appeals to any crowd. Audience interaction and humor make hers one of the most enjoyable, fun presentations I've participated in."
Amanda Decker
USF, St. Petersburg, Florida

"We were thrilled to have Matuschka talk at the graduate seminar on visual communications. Through her years of experiences and activities, she vividly demonstrated the use of visual languages in arts and the media to express her messages and emotions. It was truly an inspiring and precious conversation we had with Matuschka, whose work and messages had changed the world, and will continue to have a great impact on the generations to follow."
Dr. Xiaopeng Wang
Professor, University of Florida

"Your talk captured the attention of every
woman in the audience. The manner in
which you have taken charge of your life is
very admirable. Thank you again,
Matuschka, for being a worthy recipient of
our Humanitarian Award."
Carol Rudoy
President, Mt. Sinai Hospital Service Club, Chicago, IL

"I heard you speak at William Patterson
College and am so glad to have been
there. I've had few chances to hear
someone speak so eloquently and so much
from the heart. It was also wonderful to see
so many young women interested.
Congratulations to you and thanks. You are
doing so much good!"
Tracey Davis
New York

"Thank you again for taking the time to
speak with my students. They were
genuinely thrilled to meet an artist and
activist of such importance. I
cannot tell you how much your show
inspired my students and me. It was the
perfect way for us to gather together our
studies in Feminist Philosophies. Your work
challenges us to rethink the concepts of
femininity as well as the social politics of
health. Thank you for your compelling work."
Dr. Anne Hetzel Gunkel, Prof. of Philosophy
Carthage College, Kenosha, WI

"We wish to thank you for the exciting
presentation at Brookdale I
especially enjoyed the story of how your
picture appeared on The New York Times. It
was also intriguing to see slides of your art.
Your presentation was overwhelmingly well received."
Susan Craig, Program Administrator
Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ

"It was a privilege to hear you speak at
Brookdale Community College. You
are one of the most enjoyable speakers I
have heard. Your sense of humor
makes your talk so much more enjoyable
and the information you share makes
it a wonderful learning experience."
Nelle Robberts
Clarsburg, NJ

What I most admire in your work is its
beautiful treatment of such strong and
"ugly" truths about our ways of seeing and
standards of beauty. It is from this aspect
that I learned most, because it enables the
work to be direct without being dogmatic; it
teaches without attacking, and most
importantly it challenges the viewer by
forcing her to think about what she sees,
not forcing the thoughts themselves.
Jennifer Fiore
Columbia Student

Lecture Topics

Beauty Out of Damage


Lecture with Visuals


The story of how Matuschka's controversial self-portrait landed on the cover of The New York Times Magazine and its powerful impact on the public all over the world. In this presentation the artist will familiarize the audience with her work prior to illness, her influences (Frida Kahlo/Verushka/Anna Mendieta) and the difficulties she faced with censorship and rejection during the 90s.

Media Utilized:

A DVD will be shown, along with projection of the artists website.

Potential AUDIENCE:

Breast cancer groups, art history and art students, general public. Group Participation is encouraged via question and answer period.

Take Back Your Body


Lecture with Visuals, Derivative: "Take Back the Night"


A discussion of self-portraiture in art history focusing on female artists. Matuschka will talk about the political, sociological and feminist implications of both her work and of other artists using their bodies as a metaphor to address social and political issues beginning in the 70s when she arrived in NYC. Brief background on how women are portrayed throughout time leading up to the present.

This lecture can be combined with an art worship focusing on self-expression by "putting yourself in the picture" and making a self-portrait.

Media Utilized:

A DVD, regular slides, and/or PowerPoint presentation.

"60 Minutes"


(2) person presentation in front of audience


Opens with (DVD) then proceeds to Matuschka preferred "interview" style for presenting her story/information before an audience. This lecture proposal would involve an interviewer, such as a professor or advanced student, accompanying Matuschka on stage in a "chair to chair" sort of discussion. Interviewer will ask Matuschka questions in an informal setting, also encouraging students to participate with questions themselves. Photos will be shown, either though website projection or other means.

Potential AUDIENCE:

students, general public.Group Participation is encouraged via question and answer period.

*All talks can be accompanied by a DVD including television appearances and are followed by a Q & A session with open discussion.

Available Workshops

Matuschka is available for a variety of art workshops. Group size varies. Wide age range.

  1. Portfolio Review:

    group size 10-12. Matuschka will evaluate student's work in front of the class. Matuschka will point out the strengths in each work, discuss areas which may be reconsidered, restructured or improved and encourage the student to find his or her own solutions.
  2. Poster Making Workshop:

    Matuschka will show a variety of posters, including her award winning ones, which combine visuals with text. The class will be given an assignment to create at least one, if not two posters addressing issues that are personal, political, or of interest to them.
  3. Artist in Residence:

    Matuschka can be available in a studio workshop whereby she will create new work while interfacing with students in a creative setting, whereby they will be encouraged to present work for her review, or work alongside her. The artist may also act in an advisory capacity for one on one student exchange and serve as a mentor.
  4. Self-Portrait Workshop:

    group size 10-12. Focus on self-expression by putting oneself in the picture and creating a self-portrait. Art Students of mixed media are encouraged to participate. In this class, Matuschka will show a variety of works by herself and other artists and assign students a challenging expression in self-portraiture based on a specific issue in their lives.


Price varies depending on location and sponsoring organization. The artist works in tandem with non-profits and schools when establishing price structure.

Please note: All travel, including car-fare to and from airports, airline tickets, hotel, and per diem (for food and local transport) must be paid by the sponsoring organization. This is in addition to lecture and workshop fees.

Additional terms: (non refundable) one half of established fee paid in advance upon signing contract.